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recreational goals examples

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08.03.2009 и Summer Recreational Activities for Children & Adolescents With Brain Injury By Malia Corde & Janet Gwiazda, members of the Brain Injury

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recreational goals examples

Ma Rei Athletics and Recreation at Seneca. Athletics and Recreation at Seneca. Whats an example of a social goal?. examples of recreational activities.
-Give back to the community -Live environmentally friendly -Travel the world -Save at least $6000 by 2011 for recreation -Read all the classics -Go deep sea fishing
Official site of the Sting with scores, statistics, articles, rosters, and schedules.
Example of Competency Goal 1 - Research. Athletics and Recreation at Seneca.

recreational goals examples

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11.05.2006 и Best Answer: Personal Goals(1-5YEARS). THESE ARE SHORT TERM GOALS. (relationships, family, financial, health, leisure, education, personal development